Welcome to M's Gay Website!

Let's start over! Welcome to my 'corner of the internet'! I'm pretty bad at coding, but it's fun, so I'll stumble through it. This site is to help me build up the skills I missed out on after I dropped out of computer science in college. Come join me on my learning journey! About Me! My name is M (that may change sooner or later) & I'm 22 years old. I find a lot of my life to be boring & monotonous, as I work a desk job and rarely have the energy to leave my house. This site gives me the outlet I'm looking for. I've been on the internet for as long as I can remember. It was a core part of my childhood growing up. Before I had any sort of handheld device, I used the internet to break into my mom's Facebook account to play Farmville and chat with my friends after school, use chat rooms to roleplay as whatever my favorite book was (mostly Warrior Cats), play Minecraft for hours on end, and so much more. Getting my first iPod in about 2012 changed the game. Suddenly, I had access to apps and social media*. I was the first of my friends to get Instagram, which I downloaded against my parent's wishes in 6th grade as a dare at a sleepover. I used primarily Instagram, iFunny, & Kik Messenger in the beginning. Snapchat came out while I was in middle school and I used it for constantly keeping up with my friends and nefarious activities. For better or for worse, it's still a main method of communication for me today. Anyways, point is, I've always been on a curated-type internet. Web 2.0 at it's finest: algorithmic. And extremely invasive. I've started to become worn down by the constant pressure of sharing all the personal details of my life, putting myself on display & surrendering my data. I yearn for control over my own experience on the internet. Note: I plan on changing the hyperlinks later, the wiki pages are kinda just placeholders. *I somehow never made my way onto Tumblr, but I did get a lot of content stolen from Tumblr on other apps & through my friends on there. List of things I want to add to this site:

  • About me (main section)
    • Likes / Dislikes
    • current favs / playing now (i.e. games/books/music)
  • Side Panel (diff boxes?)
    • iMood widget (side panel)
    • Updates / changes box
    • Music Player (if I can figure that out)
  • Pages to Add
    • Cookbook (recipes)
    • My Music (old itunes inspo)